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About Let's Cook!

Let’s Cook! is a way for children, teens, and even adults to learn how to cook while being creative and having fun in the kitchen. Let’s Cook! provides a safe space for students to work directly with ingredients and kitchen equipment, as well as learn cooking techniques and how to eat healthy.


Chef Monica believes in the healing power of food and the unifying power that food brings to the table. She is passionate about educating the community on healthy living, cooking at home and being creative with food.


The goal of Let’s Cook! is to help you host a fun and enriching cooking class or party and expand your knowledge of the kitchen. You can learn to create delicious food, anywhere!

About Chef Monica

Chef Monica is a certified chef, health consultant, and entrepreneur. She graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in New York City. Chef Monica has taught culinary classes for adults and children and has worked as a head chef, event planner, social media manager, general manager, and health and wellness consultant. Her experience spans the globe from Pennsylvania to New York to California and even Italy. With over 15 years in the culinary world, Chef Monica is here to share her knowledge and passion for health and cooking with you and your children!

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